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Shopper Brain Conference Latam, 2018

Rio de Janeiro, August 30-31, 2018

The Shopper Brain Conference is an exclusive event on the intersection of retail and consumer neuroscience, especially designed for senior level retail and branding professionals.

It covers insights from the subconscious of the shopper and the impact on shopper behavior. The topic of the conference has a strong relation with shopper emotions and how marketing and communication (e.g. branding, product design, in-store signage) is processed and remembered.

The keynotes speakers of the Shopper Brain Conference come from different corners of the world like the USA, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Mexico, the Netherlands, and of course Brazil. They are all specialists in the field of shopper marketing, neuromarketing and behavioral sciences.

At the Shopper Bran Conference in Rio de Janeiro the following topics will be addressed:

Loyalty and shopper retention, in-store signage, pack performance on the shelf, price perception, shopper’s hunter-gatherer mechanisms, the changed shopper journey, more effective point-of-purchase communication, shopper experience, shopper observation, neuroscience findings on packaging design, lifting emotional arousal, shopper satisfaction, acoustical shop design, determining the best price, and understanding the impact of shopper habits.


The language on stage is English and Portuguese, simultaneous translation available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

For more information or registration visit www.shopperbrainconference.com

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Shopper Brain Conference

Practical insights about buying behavior in shopper marketing. 

August 30-31, Rio de Janeiro
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