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Shopper Brain Conference goes Dublin & Singapore!

By Carla Nagel

Last chance to attend the Shopper Brain Conference in Amsterdam or New York

Exciting times are ahead for the NMSBA conference team. After 12 successful Shopper Brain Conferences, of which 7 in the Netherlands, 4 in the USA and 1 in Brazil, the NMSBA announces to take the Shopper Brain Conference abroad from 2020 onwards! Meaning that the upcoming two events in Amsterdam (Oct 30-Nov 1, 2019) and New York (Nov 19-21, 2019) are the last ones of its kind.

Carla Nagel, Executive Director of the NMSBA, states that the content of the conference is too valuable to remain on the same spot every year, and decided to apply the model of a ‘traveling conference’, like Shopper Brain’s sister the Neuromarketing World Forum (the conference of which the upcoming 9th edition will be held in Los Angeles this April). “While we have seen people travel the world to attend the Shopper Brain Conference in Amsterdam and the US (45 nationalities in Amsterdam last year), a traveling conference brings valuable Shopper Brain insights to people’s doorstep, introducing the field to new audiences.”

The Shopper Brain Conference is an educational event, at the intersection of retail and neuroscience. It applies behavioral insights and innovative market research technologies instore and online, to get a better understanding of the shopper’s brain, ultimately to produce and sell products that better match people’s needs.

It distinguishes itself from the Neuromarketing World Forum (which is more about the latest news in the field, newest research methodologies, and validation) in a practical way. We increasingly see brands and consumer insights professionals attending, who see value in sharing practical experiences with neuromarketing and behavioral studies.

For the regular crowd attending the Amsterdam or New York events, it might be a disappointment that the upcoming editions are the last ones, for the time being, Carla’s view is promising, however: “The European and American market remain very important to us.” She ensures that the upcoming events in Amsterdam and New York will be festive gatherings, with the addition of retail brain safaris - visiting the shopper hearts of the city, as well as exclusive dinners. If you are experiencing some serious FOMO right now, you can still join us in Amsterdam or New York this year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity please register here »

The traveling Shopper Brain Conference Series 2020 will be held in Dublin (November 4-6) and Singapore (November 18-20).