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BVA Nudge Unit Awarded Best CaseHistory at ESOMAR Congress 2014

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis
industry news


The BVA-SGMAP case study on the nudge approach initiated with French taxpayers receives the recognition of the market research industry At the ESOMAR (international association of market research professionals) Congress, held in Nice from 7 to 10 September 2014, BVA won the Esomar Best Case History Award for its paper entitled "French Government: Nudge Me Tender". The prize was given by a jury of market research professionals among 210 papers submitted during the congress.

BVA was awarded for the nudge approach aimed at providing support to the French Ministry of Finance and the Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation (SGMAP) to encourage French taxpayers to switch from paper to online tax returns. The award-winning paper outlines the various stages involved in the exclusive NudgeLab methodological process, as well as the results of this campaign. Nudge fosters behavioural change Nudge is a concept which stems from Behavioural Economics and has revolutionized understanding of people’s decision-making process. By gaining a better understanding of the way (both conscious and unconscious) in which people make decisions, they can be guided in the adoption of a behaviour which is good to them or the collectivity.

Following years of experiments with leading researchers, in late 2013 BVA established its BVA Nudge Unit to support brands and public policies in speeding up behavioural changes using nudge strategies. A relatively recent approach in the market research sector which has earned its stripes with this recognition from the profession. The ESOMAR jury noted: " excellent paper with immediate applications of the nudge design. Grounded in a solid business case with proven results and more to come. » Further information about the "French Government: Nudge Me Tender" paper is available on the ESOMAR website under PUBLICATIONS