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Launch Walnut Group

By Carla Nagel

Balanzó, Scamell-Katz and Ohme launch a neuroscience consultancy – Walnut Group. We know that the current industry-accepted approaches do not truly reflect the way the human brain processes and responds to information but, paradoxically, the industry-accepted approaches are rooted in outdated and largely discredited models of thinking that, despite producing startlingly poor results, have never been re-examined.

Walnut Group thinks differently. Walnut’s consultants have the global experience, knowledge and academic discipline required to bring a holistic approach to brand growth through identification of actionable insights through neuroscience and consumer decision making processes. Our role is to use our understanding of the theory and practice of marketing to show how evidence-based creative development can boost sales and reduce costs.

Balanzó, Scamell-Katz and Ohme are the core of Walnut Group. Cristina de Balanzó, Phd, Founder and The Main Nut, was previously Global Head of Neuroscience for TNS and before that was a strategic planner for McCann Erickson. Siemon Scamell-Katz, The Kernel, who previously founded shopper research group ID Magasin which was bought by TNS in 2006. He continues his role as Global Consulting Director for TNS Retail and Shopper. Rafal Ohme, Phd, The Nutcracker, a professor of psychology, pioneer of applied neuroscience and founder of two biometric companies. These three experts will be focused on helping brands to understand the emotional and subconscious aspects of consumer decision-making and to formulate strategies based on these.

They offer solutions for communications and product testing, in-store & shopper marketing, brand identity development and workshops that will link all the different areas of brand interaction.

The team of Walnut commented, “we are incredibly excited to be starting this new professional venture and we hope to be reinvigorating neuroscience research which we believe is the future of market research. We are looking forward to playing a key role in the consultancy and research world ensuring we deliver brand growth”.

Walnut Group will be based in London, but it will operate globally:

More information: www.walnut-group.com