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Update Of The NMSBA Ethical Code:

By (Past member)

Updates in version 1.1 – January 2013

  • Addition of ESOMAR Acknowledgement Code: “The NMSBA code accepts the principles enshrined in the ICC/ESOMAR code”
  • Update the word ‘insights’ in section 6e to ‘personal information’
  • Update the words ‘insight’ in section 1c, 4c and 5c to ‘neuromarketing insights and
  • Inclusion of the definition of ‘neuromarketing insights’: “Neuromarketing Insights are informed deductions supported by analyzing the amount of brain activity produced by marketing stimuli  (advertisements, websites, packaging, etc.)”
  • Removal of article 3a “Neuromarketing researchers shall not publicly denigrate the work of other neuromarketing researchers.” *