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Neurensics Predicts Effectivity Of Tv Ads With Accuracy Up To 82%.

By Carla Nagel

Neuromarketing predicts the effect of TV ads, even before the commercial is made! Effective TV commercials evoke a unique pattern of brain activity, the scientists of Neurensics concluded after studying over 150 commercials, including award-winning ads like Effies, humorous and even irritating ads. By measuring emotions in the brain of the consumer with an MRI-scanner, the researchers discovered a ‘neural signature’ that predicts how effective a commercial is with a stunning accuracy up to 82%. 


If you know how an effective commercial evokes activity in the brain, you can also determine how similarly effective a storyboard is to the final production. This was the goal of a recently completed follow-up study, which showed that indeed the same brain pattern is activated when seeing storyboards and the final production. The results are amazing! Depending on the type of storyboard, the correlation between the storyboard and final production runs up to 80%. This way, the researchers can see upfront whether the concepts have the effect promised by the creators. 

The study additionally revealed something beneficial for advertisers: simple storyboards, where the imagination of the consumer is put to the test, gave the highest correlation rate with the final production. For the first time in history, companies are able to test propositions and concepts in advertising with these neuromarketing techniques. 

World scoop 

Neuromarketing based on fMRI is obviously the most powerful tool for understanding the consumer, thus realizing significant cost savings in both production and broadcasting of TV commercials. Scientific partner of Neurensics, Professor Dr. Victor Lamme, presented the study results at the Marketing Insights Event on February 6th in The Hague. 

For more information, contact: Martin de Munnik, Neurensics: +316 54 34 87 88