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Product Launch

By Carla Nagel

Innerscope Research Launches Sensus™, Integrated Consumer Neuroscience Kiosks That Deliver Comprehensive Insights Into Consumers' Non-Conscious Responses. Available Immediately, Sensus™ Integrates Biometrics, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding and Self-Report in a Single, Scalable Platform

Innerscope Research, Inc. today announced the launch of Sensus™, the first integrated consumer neuroscience kiosks, which deliver an unprecedented and unique combination of market research tools in a single platform.


With enhanced neuroscience based capabilities, including biometrics, eye tracking and facial coding, combined with self-report measures, Sensus™ provides marketers with a cost-effective and scalable way to gain the most comprehensive insights available into a consumer's conscious and non-conscious attitudes and emotions.