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NEURO against smoking

By Carla Nagel


In New York, last March, the CEO Leader Roundtable discussion “International Cooperation”, ran by our Board Member Rafal Ohme came up with a very interesting idea. Last week the NMSBA Board agreed on a continuation of it.

The NMSBA will support and coordinate a joined pro bono project on evaluating “Anti Smoking Warnings” on cigarette packages in the first “NEURO against smoking”-project. To run the research, we are looking for companies from different countries that are willing to do reaction time tests with 240 respondents. The technology for running the tests is provided and technical analyses are done by Michał Matukin, local chair of Poland. Which is of course highly appreciated.

Here you can find the approach, timeline and ideas behind the project.

Is your organization willing to join? Simply send a message to carla at nmsba dot com and indicate why you are the right partner to run this research for your country. We will contact you after 19 September to update your organization about the status. 


Note that joining is for NMSBA members onlyand we seek for only one organization per country. The deadline to indicate your interest is September 19. In the situation where more organizations in one country show their interest, the NMSBA Board will vote for the participating company in these countries, reaction time (in this case how fast you’ll respond) is included in the Board evaluation. But that is of course not the only characteristic they will review.

Because of the tight timeline, we cannot make any exceptions to the deadline of September 19.

I sincerely hope that you are as exciting as we are that we can welcome your organization as a partner in this project. All participating companies will be mentioned in all communication on this international project.

Click here to download a PDF with more information.

If you have any questions or remarks, please let us know!