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CMO demands and wishlist regarding Neuromarketing

By Carla Nagel

Partnering with the Chief Marketing Officers Council, the NMSBA develops a survey of the marketing professionals regarding the use of neuromarketing services. The questionnaire will be sent to a large representation of the CMOC members of 8000 corporations in 110 countries and will be supplemented by personal interviews with select users and non-users, and some service providers.

To make the project viable, we need the NMSBA community to share opinions regarding the issues to address. Next to this, there is an opportunity for up to 8 companies to sponsor (for a fee) the survey. Support will be officially recognized and their top managers will be interviewed to share experiences. Further, vignettes of the sponsors’ activities or mini-cases will be featured in the published book. The final report will be presented at the Neuromarketing World Forum in Barcelona and shared with the CMOC worldwide. Leon Zurawicki (leon.zurawicki@umb.edu) from the University of Massachusetts runs the study. Send him any suggestions you have.