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Benny Briesemeister Neurotalent of the Year 2015

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis

3798672a-98a8-4904-b2c0-3dfbf0c4ec7b.pngThe Neuromarketing Science & Business Associations(NMSBA), in cooperation with NEUROHM, is proud to announce the winners of the third Neurotalent of the Year competition.

Students from globally recognized academic institutions vied for the honor of claiming a top spot, as their peers voted for what they deemed to be the most relevant and groundbreaking research in the fields of consumer neuroscience, neuroeconomics, marketing, market research or neuromarketing.

Ultimately, the top three finalists were selected, among them Samir Karzazi and Dalia Bagdziunaite of the Copenhagen Business School. Benny Briesemeister, studying at the Free University Berlin, was crowned as the winner for his study on predicting purchase decisions. He will receive a prize of €3000 in cash from our sponsor NEUROHM.

41c434d9-9ebe-40cc-84b7-05b4dd95ff2e.jpgBenny Briesemeister
Predicting Purchase Decisions

305be7d3-1749-446a-924d-194ac2051ea1.jpgDalia Bagdziunaite
Hook or Unhook - Unpacking the "Hook" of Shopaholics

b2bc3ef4-9ae5-4e24-9a50-a9255a7feb9e.jpgSamir Karzazi
Bringing Neuro into Finance and Accounting
Congratulations are in order for the three winners. We look forward to welcoming them during the Neurotalents of the Year ceremonies on March 25, in Barcelona. There, on the main stage of Neuromarketing World Forum, they will have an opportunity to present their research.

You can read the papers of all the neurotalent candidates here.
NEW AWARD: Neuro Personality of the Year

bad0ce2b-395b-4af8-a710-e5e274fb56e4.jpgThe Neurotalents of the Year ceremonies will be hosted and coordinated by the Neuro Personality of the Year. The Neuro Personality of 2015 is announced Pranav Yadav. Pranav heads the US business for Neuro-Insight and since he entered the field, four years ago, he acts as a true ambassador of neuromarketing. We trust that he will inspire the finalists of the Neurotalent of the Year competition to get the most out of their presentations.

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The Neurotalent and Neuro Personality of the Year competitions are sponsored by NEUROHM