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New Think Tank Dedicated to the Science of Behavior Change

By Carla Nagel

The Centre for Applied Intelligence, a new think tank dedicated to the science of behavior change, launches today.

The Centre for Applied Intelligence, which launches today, is a cross-discipline think tank that will harness the power of words and speech, conducting primary research in all areas of verbal messaging. The Centre for Applied Intelligence launches at a crucial time for the field: academic research into the psychology of behaviour and persuasion has mushroomed, but there are only a handful of teams distilling and transmitting that new research for the audiences who need it. Research needs to have impact, and the Centre for Applied Intelligence will deliver that. 

In addition to primary research, the Centre for Applied Intelligence promotes and facilitates the work of other professionals and academics in this field. Ultimately its work will better define the systems and processes inherent within truly effective communication. The Centre for Applied Intelligence will organise regular events, publish papers by its staff and by external experts, and host a podcast with notable thinkers and communication practitioners. The Centre for Applied Intelligence’s first priority is the development and refinement of models of behaviour change, a programme titled Rapid Audience Insight Diagnostics (RAID). 

The Centre for Applied Intelligence’s Head of Programmes, Tom Wein, explained: “We need to reach those who need to know. All our output will be tailored for busy practitioners and decision-makers who need the latest research right now.  We want to discover interesting things, but we want even more to show how it would be useful to you.” The Centre for Applied Intelligence has been established as the research partner to strategic communications agency, Verbalisation Ltd. Sven Hughes, the founder of both the Centre for Applied Intelligence and Verbalisation Ltd, said:

“Too much communication is founded on guesses and assumptions. We know there is a better way. The Centre’s research will understand the stickiness of content, quantify relevance and resonance and ultimately show us how to calibrate compelling conversation. That is enormously valuable for Verbalisation, and for the industry as a whole.” The Centre for Applied Intelligence’s experts are available for comment on stories with a behaviour change or messaging aspect. The Centre for Applied Intelligence welcomes submitted articles, new conversations and input from those working on parallel tracks. 

Tel: +44 (0) 207 930 4264
Email: info@centreforappliedintelligence.org
Web: centreforappliedintelligence.org