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Neuro Against Smoking - The Full Report

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis

Health Warning Messages More Effective When Showing That Smokers Harm Other People

After months of designing the study, collecting data and  processing the data it, the NAS Project has come to an end. Find the results below.

By combining traditional research methods with implicit Reaction Time based ones, the study came with two findings which showed that using implicit measures strengthens the result of traditional research.

1. Pictorial health warning messages are more effective than text messages only, and this is a culturally independent finding. In general, warning with pictures reached higher scores on the declarative level and at the same time the certainty of those opinions is elevated. Moreover, even if textual warnings were evaluated equally high in declarations as pictorial warnings, on emotional level warnings containing pictures are still more convincing therefore attitudes toward them are more certain, as revealed by neuro Reaction Time implicit measure.

2. Communication oriented toward harm done to self and others is more effective than warnings focused on smokers themselves only. Again, this outcome is strong and culturally independent.

The NAS Project also shows, that the data gathered solely by explicit declarative methods provide clear insights only in 50% of cases. However, applying Reaction Time measures enriches this score significantly: over 25% additional insights can be derived thanks to combining explicit and implicit methods and therefore more findings can be identified. It proves that application of combined explicit and implicit measures is beneficial when looking for the most effective solution and identifying drivers

Download the full report here or read the full press release here. We want to thank all the participating companies and universities. A big thank you to NEUROHM and especially to Michał Matukin and Aleksandra Bis for their work.

Participating companies/universities and countries
Design and implementation of the study:
NEUROHM – Michał Matukin

Companies/universities collecting data in the participating countries:
Argentina – PromoVerGroup
Australia – RDG Insights Pty. Ltd.
Brazil – FGV Projetos
Chile – eye on media
Colombia – Mindmetriks Colombia
Ecuador – Profits Consulting Group(PCG)
Finland – Laurea University of Applied Sciences
France – Salym.me
Germany – Leibniz University of Hannover
Guatemala – eye on media
India – Terragni Consulting
Japan – Synergy Marketing
Republic of Korea – Brain & Research Inc.
The Netherlands, Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University
Panama – Quantix Panama
Poland – NEUROHM
Romania – Synergon Consulting
Republic of South Africa – eQ
Switzerland - Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Taiwan - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Turkey – ThinkNeuro
United Arab Emirates – haystack
United Kingdom – Marketing Sciences
United States of America - Sticky