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New: Client Seat in NMSBA Advisory Board

By Carla Nagel

We are very excited to announce the addition of a client seat. This is a full NMSBA Board position that is added to the current team to serve the business side of our community better. As Andrew Smith (Director of US Consumer Insights for The Hershey Company) had the largest number of votes applicable for this role, the Board decided to invite him to immediately join the NMSBA Advisory Board. We are happy and honored that he is willing to join.
The full NMSBA board of directors 2015-2018 consists of the following individuals:


  • Ale Smidts
  • Andrew Smith (client seat)
  • Christophe Morin
  • Richard Silberstein (president)
  • Rafał Ohme and 
  • Steve Genco.



Andy: welcome to the team!