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Wanted: Neuromarketing Research Intern - SwipeGuide

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis


SwipeGuide is looking for a research intern (masters) in the field of consumer neuroscience and instructional design. An independent self-starter. SwipeGuide is a start-up in the field of software for visual step-by-step instructions.

SwipeGuide: "We have the ambition to develop a cloud software program which will enable the user to execute new or complex tasks more successful (at lower risk). We currently have a beta version up and running with several clients in the durable consumer goods and healthcare industry.

As we want to develop our system en methods fact-based we are looking for new insights on learning, instructional design and behavioral design that could strengthen our methodology.

What your publication could sound like.

- How to apply neuromarketing principles or behavioral design principles to improve the effectiveness of minimalistic instructional design templates for use within instruction software? - 

How to apply:
Send your motivation to ms. Willemijn Schneyder at willemijn@swipeguide.co