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Neuro-Insight promotes Brian Hill to General Manager of APAC

Industry News

Neuromarketing and neuroanalytics company Neuro-Insight has restructured its team, promoting GM of NewZealand Brian Hill to General Manager of APAC and moving APAC CEO Peter Pynta to Chief Commercial Officer. 

In his new role,  Hill will move to Neuro-Insight’s Melbourne offices, where he will continue to work with advertisers, marketers, and platforms across APAC to bring the most cutting-edge neuro solutions. Hill’s background includes time as General Manager at BBC Worldwide in London, where he managed a strategic review of digital and consumer growth opportunities. He then moved to New Zealand and served as General Manager of News Works NZ, an advertising booking and industry marketing service. It was in this role where he was first introduced to Neuro-Insight as a client.

“After seeing Neuro-Insight through the eyes of a client at News Works, I’ve witnessed how revolutionary and unique the offering is. Measuring what people think and feel, as opposed to asking people for the answers, is a powerful tool for any marketer because it removes conscious filtering and bias”. “We were able to make great strides in New Zealand, and I can’t wait to expand the opportunities for brands and agencies to tap into our 15+ years of research and insights across the APAC region. There has never been more options available to a marketer and we can offer confidence in knowing whether a media or creative initiative will drive the desired outcome before pressing go on a big budget campaign.” said Hill.

Peter Pynta, previously APAC CEO, is to move into the role of Chief Commercial Officer that includes a global product development mandate. The restructure comes as the business looks to align with the demands of the media industry for measurable insights into human behaviour and the subconscious.