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NielsenIQ BASES introduces a new way to test, screen and optimize product formulations

By Carla Nagel
Industry News

NielsenIQ BASES announces BASES Creative Product AI. BASES Creative Product AI was built using over 100 models and algorithms, creating an artificial intelligence engine that can predict performance and identify new ways to optimize products.

The launch of BASES Creative Product AI is a step forward in the next generation of tools enabling clients to develop exciting new products for consumers. BASES Creative Product AI was trained using dedicated consumer testing in 35 countries, assessing over 11,000 in-market products to capture consumer liking, sensory profiles, and demographic data. NielsenIQ continues to train BASES Creative Product AI, with new products added to the AI engine weekly.

“BASES Creative Product AI is the biggest advancement in product development in over 60 years,” said Chris Sinclair, Global Head of Product Optimization at NielsenIQ BASES. “Our clients are discovering new creative ways to improve product formulations that previous research could not. It’s a smarter, agile, cost-efficient, and creative approach to making product formulations that delight consumers.”

BASES Creative Product AI optimization studies can be run on as few as 20 samples per product tested, saving research and development costs and increasing efficiency while utilizing insights from global food and beverage categories. In addition, optimizations can be run for individual products in up to 35 countries, removing the extensive research phase with results in as little as two weeks.

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