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Submission Guidelines Business Case

Want to make your brand stand out? Share your case study with the community! Everyone loves stories; they bring concepts to life and advance learning. Plus: stories of success provide brand stickiness, both for you and your client. Do you have a case study with best practices worth sharing?

Please read the submission guidelines carefully and upload your case below. Note that the submission is subject to review.

We want to receive a Word document with text containing:

1. Problem Description
(maximum of 200 words divided into two paragraphs)

• What is the topic of research?
• What is the reason behind your choice of topic?
• Main underlying purpose?

2. Approach
(maximum of 250 words divided into no more than three paragraphs and with restricted technical detail)

• Explain why the specific approach was selected
• How the research set-up was organized
• Hypothesis or formulated research question

3. Results 
(maximum of 250 words divided into three paragraphs)

What was the outcome of the research?

4. Conclusions 
(maximum of 100 words)

Imagine yourself as the reader; as a market researcher, marketer, or business leader, what general outcomes or conclusions can be derived from the research

5. Final Thoughts
(optional, maximum of 100 words)

Perhaps you have suggestions for further research, a personal idea on the consequences for business or marketing, or just a quote that summarizes your case

6. Add contact details

Finish with the contact details that can be published with your contribution in the following format:
- organization name
- country
- website
- contact person
- email address

If you'd like to add images, provide them separately, free of copyright, in .png or .jpg (300DPI)

Note that the absolute maximum number of words in your article depends on the number of images you are adding:

No imagery - use max. 1200 words
1 image - max. 1100 words
2 images - max. 1000 words
3 images - max. 900 words

Submit your work by filling out this submission form


Deadline January 15, 2024