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Neuromarketing World Forum

The Neuromarketing World Forum — the flagship event of the NMSBA — is the global meeting for everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing! This conference travels all around the globe. So far, we have been in Amsterdam, São Paulo, New York, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Rome, and Berlin. That is not where the story is ending; we hope to see you in Los Angeles (March 20-21, 2024)

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Get the Latest Insights

What drives and activates the consumer? What is the future of neuromarketing? Get the latest insights from exciting speakers – leading experts on marketing, advertisement, broadcasting, and neuromarketing. 

Find the Right Vendors

Interested in buying neuromarketing services? Learn about the newest neuromarketing technologies from vendors themselves, and find new and innovative ways to better understand your customers and prospects.

Feel the Vibe of Innovation

The Neuromarketing World Forum is famous for its networking during social events, from tapas parties to rooftop cocktail conference dinners. Find out why and meet like-minded peers worldwide: advertisers, market researchers, neuromarketing vendors, and academics.