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Neuromarketing World Forum 2024

Everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing gathers to hear about:

  • Brian Knutson's research on predicting market trends
  • How Universal Pictures used a new neuromarketing approach to researching audience reactions in cinemas
  • Why segmenting respondents by physiological characteristics improves your research data
  • How to use webcam eye-tracking the best
  • A business case from Reddit on using neuroscience to enhance content moderation
  • The experiences of Sekisui House on integrating neuromarketing into their organization and to align with their existing tools
  • Insight into the motivations of luxury buyers and, with the use of neuro, to tailor marketing strategies effectively 
  • The opportunities of AI in neuromarketing

More info at: www.neuromarketingworldforum.com