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Neuromarketing Yearbook 2018

The Neuromarketing Yearbook is the only publication in the world covering the best work from science and business in one nicely designed hard-covered book. 

What is included in the neuromarketing yearbook?

  • Unique best practices of neuromarketing research
  • Summarized relevant scientific research
  • Global directory of neuromarketing companies/organizations
In other words: a great overview of everything that is going on in neuromarketing!

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Academic contributions 'Invitation Only': 

The science section in the neuromarketing yearbook 2018 is invitation-only. The editors of the science section will shortlist the most relevant scientific publications in the field in 2017. Winners will get a free yearbook and a financial reward of 200 euro as a compensation for summarize their research for the yearbook. If you think the editors should consider your peer-reviewed scientific publication, send your publication in full to with a small note why it is relevant to our field.

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