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NMSBA Newsletter - week 45 (2020)

By Carla Nagel

Greetings from the Netherlands, I hope you are doing well!

During these bizarre times, we are creating something really exciting: the first Neuromarketing Fundamentals Exam. That's right, as of spring 2021, you can test your neuromarketing knowledge and show off with an official NMSBA certificate. More news to follow, but if you have questions (or if you want to prepare, please drop me an email)

Have a great neuromarketing week!
Carla Nagel, Executive Director NMSBA

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The Persuasion Code

If you're creating your new campaign, what learnings can be drawn from neuroscience? Christophe Morin shares a practical model for applying neuroscience in your marketing strategy in the free video below.


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Things that caught our interest:

Stanford researchers link poor memory to attention lapses and media multitasking

Stanford researchers are connecting the dots between attention and memory to explain why we remember certain things and forget others, why some people remember better than others and how media multitasking affects how well we recall. Read now »

Neuromarketing of Taste

Taste similarity of food products can be compared with the help of EEG. Read more »