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Neuromarketing Newsletter Week 43-2020

By Carla Nagel

Happy Thursday!

I'm not sure about you, but 2020 increased my social media usage big time. A huge opportunity for advertisers. But how to capture consumer's attention?
Chloe Romero shares some tips in the new episode of the neuromarketing 2020. Spoiler alert: cat videos no longer do the trick. A message our home office cat hurt deeply...

Have a great neuromarketing week!
Carla Nagel, Executive Director NMSBA

Zara our displeased home office cat...

Free Video:
Cat Videos No Longer Do The Trick

By creating video content, you only have 10-20 seconds to make a strong impression, capture consumer's attention, and peak interest. How can you make the most out of these few valuable seconds? In this practical video, Chloe Romero shares actionable tips on creating captivating content.

Review the Neuromarketing Series 2020 Agenda

The above video is freely available until November 5. Review the full agenda for the upcoming episodes in the neuromarketing 2020 series. NMSBA corporate and corporate vendor members have unlimited access to our database of 94 neuromarketing presentations, join now!

Presidential Debate With Live Neuro Measures
22nd of October, 8:45 PM EST

In about 10 hours, Trump and Biden face off in Pennsylvania. Shimmer Research, Schlesinger Group, IVP Research Labs, and HCD Research will study voters’ responses with biometric sensors and stream the second-by-second responses to the final US Presidential Debate on October 22nd. Join the YouTube live stream

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Things that caught our interest:

Neuromarketing used to test the effectiveness of retail-ready packaging (RRP)

RRP is an innovative last-mile solution that allows products to be moved from the factory floor to the store floor on a single pallet. But will it attract significant attention in-store? Read more » 

Statistical model improves analysis of skin conductance

In a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an MIT-based team of scientists provides a new, fast, and accurate statistical model for analyzing Electrodermal activity (EDA) — the sweat-induced fluctuations of skin conductance. Read now »

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