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Neuromarketing Newsletter Week 41-2020

By Carla Nagel

Happy Thursday!

Newsletter week 41, 2020

Our highlight of the week - for sure: the print copy of Neuromarketing Yearbook 2020 that finally arrived at our office! Visit our webshop if you like to enrich your bookshelf with the best neuromarketing science & business overview.

The book is included in NMSBA membership, so if your a member (and confirmed your 2020 working-from-home-delivery-address in your NMSBA profile) keep an eye on your mailbox.


Have a great rest of your neuromarketing week!
Carla Nagel, Executive Director NMSBA

Free Video: Future-Proof Your Customer Experience

In this episode of the neuromarketing 2020 series Roger Dooley talks about practical neuro-tips to improve your customer experience


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Up Next: Neuromarketing & Retail

Only a few days and the next issue of Insights is published. Topics include the state of neuromarketing 2020 from an FMCG client's perspective, neuro-tips for a package design change, and how to make the most out of eye-tracking in retail environments.


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Things that caught our interest:

Neuro-Reactions to the Presidential Debate

A consortium of market research companies used neuroscience measurement to gauge voter response to the September 29th Presidential Debate. Check it out!

Neurotest Equipment for Sale

One of our members is offering neurotest equipment for sale Learn more »

Will we be chatting through our thoughts soon?

Both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are investing heavily in technologies that are connected to our brains. How far have they got? And how should we deal with the interest of large tech companies in our deepest thoughts?
Read now »

How we make moral decisions

Researchers at MIT and Harvard have shown that people use a type of reasoning known as universalization to help them make moral decisions in certain types of situations. This strategy is most applicable in social dilemmas called “threshold problems,” in which harm can occur if everyone, or a large number of people, perform a certain action.
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