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Turn your employees into ambassadors

By Carla Nagel

Serie: Quick Neuro Wins for Retailers. Neuro Retail Revolution speakers share their tips. Part 3: involve your employees.

Karin Glattes: "Turn your employees into ambassadors"

karinglattesInvolve your employees. Shopping is a human emotion. Your employees are the ones who can evoke this emotion on an everyday basis in your clients. Stop talking about the shopping experience that you want to offer, and let them feel, smell, touch and experience what you are talking about. Give them a feeling of what you are aiming at, in your own stores and those of others. Many workers will change their daily routines immediately when they actually experience the goal their boss is aiming to achieve.







Karin Glattes is a director at Unternehmen Kunde

This tip will appear in an article about retailing in the next edition of the quarterly Neuromarketing Theory & Practice.