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The Highest Sales Response Rates in Living Memory

By Decode Marketing

Author: Decode Marketing

Leveraging decision science for British Telecom

BT operates in a highly competitive market (broadband, TV, phone) in the UK vs Sky, Virgin and others. Response rates to their offers had been falling and they had to meet aggressive sales targets. They needed a new approach because their ”traditional” research was not giving them the reasons for the low response.

This was a consultancy approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their communications. Recommendations were made based on principles of perception, attention, cognition and motivation from the fields of ”decision science” (cognitive psychology, neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics). No research was conducted.



The advice was executed in direct response TV and print advertising. Response rates rose by 85% and 76% respectively compared to their previous benchmarks. As a result they met their aggressive sales targets and customer acquisition costs were halved. The client (General Manager, Marketing) commented that these response rates were “the highest in living memory”at BT.

The conclusion, as an ex-Marketing VP myself, is ”if only Marketing knew what science knows”. In this case, no research was required - simply the application of principles already studied and known in the fields of decision science.


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