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Online Conversion Optimization

22 September 2015
By EigenWijze Marketing

Author: EigenWijze Marketing

Testing Estelle online campaign for Courlux


We were asked to optimize the conversions by applying neuromarketing techniques and psychological insights. The case in question was an online campaign for women’s razors. The conversion in this case was the request to test a women’s razor by filling in an order form. Our customer was curious about the effect of persuasion techniques.


In this campaign we wanted to be more responsive to emotions. Triggering emotion is crucial if a subject is to be prompted to take action. When women shave, they prefer to do this in a clean and fresh environment. The bathroom used in the original design looked dull and grimy, and did not give a particularly hygienic impression. In addition, the bold colors of the letters used in the ad had a cheap appearance. We gave the design a more friendly and feminine appeal and added a greater sense of experience. We also provided the “What’s in it for me” aspect by asking the question “Are your legs ready for summer?” We always see things from our own perspective, so it’s important to formulate a proposition from their advantage. This has the greatest effect of triggering the customer.

Priming elements were also added such as droplets of water in the header, beach sand at the bottom, flip-flops and a map to conjure up a true holiday feeling. When a woman walks along a beach or wears flip-flops, she usually has bare legs or bare feet, so it is vital that her legs are perfectly smooth. The USP buttons were also changed into droplets of water and the text was made more specific. The colors applied in the design were fresher looking, more feminine and less blatant. The online neuromarketer reported all this advice, which the art director then translated into a visual design.




The proposed neurovariant achieved a 36.6% higher conversion than the original version. This was an extremely positive result, and our work on this project was highly appreciated by the customer. We are currently optimizing more campaigns for the same customer, and are performing projects for many other enthusiastic companies.




Provoking the right emotion in the target group is essential. It is therefore crucial to know who your target group is and what kind of experience you want to create. An essential factor in this respect is elements that are not consciously perceived.



Final Thoughts

Dare to go beyond traditional marketing tools and never underestimate the power of the unconscious brain!

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