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Neuromarketing Yearbook 2017

Submit your work today!

The NMSBA will publish the Neuromarketing Yearbook 2017. The overview of the year is officially presented at the opening dinner at the Neuromarketing World Forum in London (March 29, 2017). Last year's edition was highly appreciated by all its readers.


  • Unique business cases of neuromarketing research
  • Overview of relevant scientific research from around the globe
  • Global directory of neuromarketing companies/organizations


All Student, Research, Gold and Platinum Members of the NMSBA will receive a copy of the yearbook as part of their memberships. Gold and Platinum Members are also presented with a unique opportunity to have their very own best cases featured in the book. Featuring your own cases increases visibility and interest of many working and interested in the neuromarketing sector.


The Neuromarketing Yearbook will also contain the best peer-reviewed publications (summarized). Please fill out the information to submit your contribution to the scientific section of the 2016 Neuromarketing Yearbook here


Gold and Platinum members have the opportunity to submit their "Best Case" which will be published in the yearbook. Have a look at the template here


Please submit your input for the Neuromarketing Yearbook, via links below, to make sure not to miss out on inclusion. The deadline for business and scientific submissions is December 15, 2016. The order of the cases and contributions will be determined by the date of submission – so make sure you submit as early as possible. Make sure your case or research is written in the correct format.

Submit your best case here (Business Section)
Submit your research here (Science Section)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you like advertise in this valuable book, please contact Sara Hoeflaken

The Neuromarketing Yearbook
The Neuromarketing Yearbook
Neuromarketing Yearbook
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